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Help with .torrent files.


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Hi, all

I have a small question about uTorrent. First let me say that I've been using uTorrent since it first came out and I find it to be the best of the all the programs.

Anyhow currently I have a flimsy little 250GB HDD which I'me replacing for a brand spanking new 1TB of Hitachi goodness.

So since I will be doing a complete overhaul of my system I have several torrent which I am too lazy to go searching the internet for; I remember that Bitlord used to have a feature where the .torrent file was saved and you could download said torrent as long as you still had the .torrent file.

Well i don't see that option in uTorrent and I really don't want to search far and wide to find said torrents. I was wondering if there's a way for me to save the .torrent files separately in like a flash drive then once I install new HDD and install uTorrent then I can just open the .torrent files and start the DL process?

is this possible?

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