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Couple Questions configuring uTorrent for Mac


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Im running the latest version of uTorrent, MacOSX 10.5.6 and an unibody MacBookPro.

1) I have a smaller internal HDD and would rather keep all downloaded documents external, so i have a 1.5tb external drive connected to the USB port of my system.

Im trying to figure out a way to save all the actual uTorrent File (the file the with Green circle and U on it) that has contains the torrent package to the external drive.

for example i want it to store: ExternalHD > Downloads > Archives >

as of now it goes to: ZMacintosh (username) > Downloads

I am able to change the FINISHED/COMPLETED files to point to

ExternalHD > Downloads > Completed

thats just fine, but id like to have the actual torrent file i get from the sites aved to the archives folder on the external drive.

any ways for that?

2nd) Its not a huge issue, but wondering if there is a way to configure it a bit better.

when using uTorrrent for XP i was able to click on the STATUS column bar and all of them would be ordered by status (the ones currently in progress at the top, completed ones next and then the stopped/non seeding ones at the bottom)

everytime i click on the status column in uT for Mac, it organizes them the way i wantbut upon starting it again theyre disorganized.

is there a way to keepthem to remember their previous organized state?


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