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Error: Access Denied (searched evrything... still can't find it)


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Like more people I keep getting the error message: Error: Access Denied.

I've searched multiple site, searched this forum. But because I'm a big n00b with computers I don't understand anything of it.

I just bought a new notebook and the first 2 days it downloaded great. But suddenly the error message popped up.

I'm quite frustrated since I'm searching for a solution for about a month by now. It just worked with my older computer! And now I bought a new notebook it fails.

I found something at the uTorrent site... I don't have any of those programs installed but those dll files... that may be the problem. I've put some movies that I've downloaded with my older computer on a memorystick and wanted to see them on my notebook. But it wasn't possible. Now I found out that I just didn't had the file named: shmedia.dll. I took the file from my older computer:


Put it on this one and it worked.

Maybe those dll files have something to do with the error message of uTorrent.

I use Vista Home Premium 32 bit.

Torrents folder: C:\Program Files\Torrent files

Can someone please help me? I'd love to use uTorrent again.

Trying Hard

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