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Few Questions By A New User

Dr Mabuse

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I am new here. I've looked for a sticky to answer these but did not see one.

1. How to populate ipfilter.dat, can someone point me in the right direction? I understand how it works and it's turned on in my uTorrent program, but I assume I should download a list and maybe create a plain text file? Did I miss the sticky or could someone help me out? How to update it? I've seen some scripts around, any particular scripts you guys like for updating the list?

2. Peer Guardian 2, thoughts? reviews? Couldn't hurt could it?

I've got port forwarding going and I think I'm ready to go, just want to take reasonable steps to avoid the 'bad guys', lets say.

Any general info for a noob? Maybe just some links to read or etc? I've been reading up for a while now on various blogs and tech sites and etc, I think I have a pretty good grasp of things but any info is appreciated.

I'm a network engineer and system admin, I've built ISPs and etc. so I'm OK with technical language and thoroughly grasp all aspects of connectivity. Just never have done torrents.

Hoping there are knowledgeable people here who will save me a learning curve.

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1> Covered in the faq

2> Actually, it's more likely to cause problems by blocking access to between hundreds and thousands of potential peers.

The maintainers of the blocklist for peerguardian have repeatedly demonstrated that they're incompetent at actually blocking the bad guys. Recent tests of the blocklists have revealed that the blocks are actually more likely to funnel you into the bad guys than protect you from them.

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Thanks for that.

I understand the open nature of the torrent itself, just want to do what I can you know?

Do you download the various static lists and add them to your ipfilter file?

Lists by the various companies like Bluetack, BlocklistPro, etc?

Or stay with the blocks in that thread?

The scary thing is the **AA groups have more IPs than anyone on earth, so like you say there is no real security.

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And of those lists, only a very tiny amount of the Level1, Fake Server, Spyware, and TempList ip ranges are significantly relevant. And the TempList NEEDS to be short-lived, because it is often consumer ip ranges of major ISPs!

The rest is extreme overkill.

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Thanks for all your input.

I found the Ipfilter file updated this month on Sourceforge.

I understand exactly what you are talking about Switeck, I was looking through the ranges and the listings/reasons for them. A list like that adds more legitimate blocks, and I can whittle down from there.

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