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Port weirdness....


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Hey all. maybe someone else is experiencing this?

Set up static IP, router firewall exceptions etc.... Utorrent tells

me that port is OPEN. But, if I shut down the computer or program and then restart, if I click on "test if port forwarded" in speed guide, it says port NOT open. The really weird thing about this is that the light on the bottom of Utorrent is ALWAYS green.

I rechecked all my steps, and saw when I did run->cmd->ipconfig/all , that the IP address listed had changed to the one I "made" for the static IP. So if I go into the network connections TCP/IP preferences and change it again to something else, and change it in the firewall exceptions, the port opens again! But again, upon restart, the ipconfig/all IP address changes to the new one.....does this make sense to anyone?

Oops! Forgot to post. Router is a 3com 3CRWE554G72T

OS is Win Xp Sp2

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