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[toolbar/tstatus] Comfort


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It's annoying to the original authors, boo. You shouldn't rape another's work shortly after its released. It's almost insulting IMO. I wouldnt be surprised if Determination agreed. You should keep working on your own ideas. Be original, man. If someone wants to see something changed with Determination's original work, they'll kindly ask him and maybe he'll go for it. (or at least that's how I feel about it). Mine have been modded also, which I can ignore b/c of my lack of involvement w/ the forums lately. It's just getting ridiculous, IMO.

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Well, Determination said it is ok to make the mods,

if he said he didn't like that, I would respect that and stop making mods.

BSH, you would know that if you had read Determinations posts.

Plus I'm not trying to prove my own skill in anything or

claiming that I'm the one behind the original design,

I just make mods and wanted to share them.

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boo: Just so you know, I like your mods as well, and the reason I didn't comment on them is because they are built upon an existing design. I know Determination said mods weren't disapproved, but making one the same day as the original one was published makes me think you're modding them just for the heck of it and not because you want to use it.

That's just me however, and I'm sure I'm absolutely wrong :D Keep up your good work, and please show us some self-made design as well wink.png

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Well, I first was happy with the winstripe theme,

but then I liked Determinations Simple theme.

They were a great, but to small for my taste, so I made them bigger.

I thought others might want it, so I posted it and also asked Determination if it was OK.

He did say it was OK.

Then I saw his XPMC theme, I liked it even more then Determinations Simple theme,

again I thought they where to small for my taste. Because I hade to remake them

to make them bigger, they ended up looking a little bit different, but in a good way.

Again I wanted to share it and I asked Determination if it was OK,

he said it was OK and I could make mods of his designs.

Then a couple of days ago, I saw the Comfort theme,

I liked it but again to small for my taste. So I made them bigger and made some small changes.

This time I didn't ask because Determinations has since before said it was OK.

I don't make my own theme because I like the current one I has.

@Determination: If you said it was OK just because you are so nice,

but you honestly dislike it, I will respect that and stop making the mods.

I will even remove all the mods that I have already posted if you want me to do it.

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I did say it was ok, but there's really nothing else I could say.

Mods are help for the designer, not the public. Other people have made mods of my work before (443 comes to mind) and I didn't mind because many of them solved problems that I didn't want to deal with. Let's take 443 as an example. There were certain goals that I wanted to see if I could accomplish within that set theme (3 4x4 pixel squares), and not use color as a crutch. So, I released them, knowing that they would be marginally usable. 443 was modded twice by Cricel and Ryz, both adding colors and some very slight square movements. They didn't really effect the concept or the design of the icons. I knew the color was going to be a problem. So I let it them do their thing. They helped me, in that they took care of a known problem, and in a way that satisfied people who do want the colors. Other people have modded them to move some icons around, etc... but mainly they didn't exercise their style on the design or concept, they changed the slight things that I didn't want to do do. I'm sure you know boo how annoying it is to release 10 different variants of the same icon set. Most of those variants can be accomplished by 1 guy with reasonable PAINT experience, why should I do so many of them when a problem can be discovered by the modder, and released without effort from me.

Let's overview the modding changes on my stuff:


443 tstatus: color, slight movement

CSS tstatus: color, arrow/graphic changes

Simple.big toolbar: centering, shadow changes


XPMC tstatus: bigger, changes in gradient

XPMC toolbar: bigger, changes in gradient

Simple: bigger

Simple.big toolbar: bigger

Simple main/tray icon: bigger

Comfort tstatus: bigger, shadow changes

I can see where people want color changes, or lack of shadow, so I can accept mods. Most of the time they are anticipated.

Do I think they my icons are too small? No.

Is it public opinion that my icons are too small? Am I so out of touch with the vein of popular style that I'm ignoring that one fatal flaw in my designs? I don't know. I have to ask these questions of my self everytime you release a mod of my releases.


Keep making your mods, keep releasing them. It's annoying, but I can deal with it. I release icons sets for me (for experience).

btw boo, what resolution are you running?

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