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Disk Overloaded


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I have just recently started having this problem. What it is when I leave uTorrent open for more then about 30 min or so it gets the disk overloaded 100% at the bottem and it will not download anything anymore. Now i know that this can happen occasionally however it's usually supposed to clear. Mine however doesn't. I leave my computer on nearly 24/7 and i can leave it on with disk overloaded before I go to bed and when i wake up the download hasn't moved and the disk is still overloaded. I tried to solve it with google however none of the answer posted there helped.

Can someone help me?


My internet is 256k download through internet explorer and speedtest lists it at 1800kbps down and 800 kbps up. My hard is a 320g 5200rpm toshiba. I have 4 gigs of ram and an NVida 9600M

Thanks for your time

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I had the same problem on XP. What I did to fix it was:

Under preferences, goto advanced then disk cache, I have unticked "Overide automatic cache size...", ticked "Reduce memory usage when cache is not needed". Under Advanced cache settings I have unticked "Enable caching of disk writes", ticked "Enable caching of disk reads", unticked "turn off read caching if the upload speed is slow", ticked "remove old blocks from cache", unticked "increase automatic cache size when cache thrashing", ticked "disable windows caching of disk writes" and unticked "disable windows caching of disk reads".

Now that was for XP but when I got the disk overload problem my up and down load would virtually stop, now it doesn't.

Hope this helps.

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