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Torrents list is not saved if utorrent.exe is forcibly terminated


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The problem is:

If I have power failure or BSOD and have to reboot my computer, the torrent list is the same as I had when was closing uTorrent with File -> Exit. All new torrents that were added since new uTorrent launch are lost.

Luckily I could restore them from .loading files in temp directory and continue downloading. But once I have lost all my progress on 1.5G file and had to re-download it from the beginning :(

I'm using the latest currently available version.

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The problem is not in my broken file, but in the fact, that uTorrent saves torrents list and torrents' state ONLY if closed through main menu. The program must also save its state every time when this state is changed.

Andthe file was not lost - only its current state was lost, so there was no need in running chkdsk.

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