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ISP checking downloads


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Hi everyone.

Is there already anything in UTorrent or is there anythng in the pipeline for UTorrent to help against ISP's tracking the contents of torrents.

I'm not suggesting I or anyone else downloads stuff that they do not have the proper permission to but. if they do and their ISP notice themn doing it they can be cut off.

Is there any thing in Utorrent to stop the ISP seeing what it is they are downloading?


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I was locking for an answer to that my self. It has nothing to do whether it is legal or not, big brother shall not see what I do and don't do.

To your question. I read about a setting "Protocol Encryption" and I think if you set that in forced and unblock "allow legacy connection" you only allow encrypted connection to and from your computer.

Pls correct me if I am wrong, I really wish it is like I think it is.

and excuse my bad English

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About the only thing that Protocol Encryption blocks is very old BitTorrent clients and people who have disallowed encryption in their BitTorrent client of choice. ISPs are often using heuristics to detect BitTorrent traffic for purposes of throttling, thus Protocol Encryption alone is insufficient to prevent them. Also, MANY ISPs have started heavily throttling any traffic they cannot read. Such companies do not deserve your patronage.

Even if you knew all the corporate ip ranges of the copyright monitoring companies and blocked them, you would NOT be safe...they can still harvest your ip from the trackers you connect to or (if it's a public torrent) from other peers/seeds. The lazy ones don't even bother to check to see if the ips they collect are actually peers/seeds running those torrents:


The "industrious" ones...also rent temporary ip ranges from ISPs as well as use their home lines of various ISP to check and confirm peers and seeds. Blocking ips they're spotted on is like repeated shotgun blasts out of the range of normal ISP ips that other people will likely end up using within days/weeks of the companies abandoning those ips. Bluetack is working hard at this goal, and people believe it's a valuable service. :(

On top of this, there are private networks of major corporations (such as Sony) that have routing information in the form of AS numbers...but do not correspond to ANY ip range! Whether these are legacy holdouts of possibly ATM networks, massive token rings, or whatever...I haven't a clue. All I know is they may not follow standard ethernet routing. These may use some form of VPN/proxy server to get what (from their view) appears to be "regular internet access"...or they may be temporarily mapped to bogon ips. Those same bogon ips may be mapped to new (or expanding) ISPs within a year. IPv4 is estimated to be exhaused of unused ips within 5 years.

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Ok ,im sort of new to this . i just found out that my isp has been tracking some of the torrents ive downloaded since the beginning of the year . they threatened me of course. what can i do to keep them from tracking me. any help would be appreciated . thank you

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