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All torrent files involutarily deleted inside utorrent


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Been running 1.8.1 and ignoring the update message. Today started utorrent, has around 70 torrents inside utorrent, most completed (seeding).

Again ignored the update message, and when I now open the utorrent window there's no torrents at all.

Added the incomplete ones and it rechecked them. And worked as expected.

Then tried the same with the completed torrents and in each case it began from scratch (0%), even though the completed file(s) is in the correct directory and under the exact name as mentioned in the torrent.

Why doesn't utorrent recognize the exact same file(s) ?

Has anybody else encountered this major bug ?

Updated to 1.8.2 but nothing has changed, I'll had to start all over.

Running utorr on win xp home.

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Your resume.dat probably got trashed, likely due to improper shutdown.

Go to %AppData%\uTorrent and reload your .torrent files.

Then, go to the Advanced section of the preferences and enable bt.graceful_shutdown.

This will be the default in 1.8.3. Furthermore, we'll be changing the way dat files are read and written to avoid this ever happening.

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