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Suggestion for New Web Site - change Forum Registration Process


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My suggestion is to remove, disable, or re-direct the Forum registration process on the new web site - http://test.utorrent.com/forums/register.php.

I have just wasted quite a bit of my time trying to register on the new web site - very very frustrating. The problem is that the area to click and confirm ones registration on the bottom of page http://test.utorrent.com/forums/register.php does not work. The instruction "Click in the dark area of the image to register" on the bottom of the page makes no sense at all as there is no graphic at all in Firefox 3 only a bit of text saying "Captcha Box" so I tried IE7 thinking it may be a Firefox specific issue. IE7 shows a missing graphic with the test "Captcha Box". Naturally I tried clicking on "Captcha Box" in BOTH browsers and naturally I just got spinning hourglasses with no cluses as to what was happening.

All I wanted to do was register to report that the #%&@ing help file does not work and instead I spend ages caught up in the #%&@ing hopeless registration process.

I am really really really unhappy!

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[1] Message for schnurlos.

Don't know why you put your comment about the help file under my post "Suggestion for New Web Site - Change Forum Registration Process"? Your comment would have been better placed under my post "The uTorrent Main Help File Is Broken" at http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=400365

[1a] Your suggestion does not always work. I am running Windows XP Pro with NTFS file system and normal security attributes, I am a local administrator. I download the file "utorrent-help.zip" to "C:\Downloads". If I unzip utorrent.chm from "C:\Downloads\utorrent-help.zip" directly to "C:\" then the help file does NOT work correctly.

[1b] I was actually concerned about the fact that many other people will have the same problem and they should not have to try to find a workaround. uTorrent should provide a help file which works correctly for most home users. Many end users don't really understand how PC and operating systems work.

[2] Message for Bumbie3.

Why did you put your comment under the post "Suggestion for New Web Site - change Forum Registration Process"?

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