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Really really slow download speeds. Need Help!


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1-make sure firewall allows utorrent to access internet(in/out)

2-test for open port connections thru utorrent gui (use the wizard)

3-this is a personal choice for myself...i set d/l speed to unlimited and upload speed to 25...it works great for me...max out my speed most times. this may or may not(< most likely) work for you. i have used the speed guide but got crap speed with nothing over 10Kbps d/l and upload worked normally...whatever that is for utorrent.

4-make yourself knowledgable with utorrent...read all faq's,tips,tricks.

5- when all else fails....uninstall and start over or pay for rapidshare account or something similar.

that is the best i can do for you at the moment...i do not mean to be sarcastic or anything...am only trying to help where others forget why they use and know this prog better than everyone else. snobbish p****. i hope this helps once again.

*edit...i forgot about the type of modem you use, can and may, affect the speed. you might have to manually go into your modem thru the web interface( usually typing in will do it. does for me. it might ask for password..type it in if you have set one for your modem..if not the factory setting for user and p/w are the same... admin ... also check the link to see if your isp is throttling your connection. like i said...browse ALL tips,tricks and FAQ's

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