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Utorrent port help


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i want to use u torrent but i have extremly slow download speeds due to not being able to port forward, my ISP wont allow me to open up any ports, and i dont even have my router password or name, they set it up and will not allow me to mess with settings. I was wondering if there is any way to get around not being able to port forward, by either using ports that are already open like port 80, or 21-23, etc. i have tried to just set the port under prefrences>connections to 80, yet i still get the no incoming connections error, i have disabled firewall, and tried several differnt ports that are already open. I used a program called TcpView and it says that utorrent is using port 80, this is what it says. uTorrent.exe:3072 UDP beech:80 *:*

^process ^protocol ^local adress ^remote adress, im fairly sure this is the problem because for all of the other remote adresses there is an ip adress but this just has the *:*, anyone have any tips on how to fix this, or a program to get around the inability to open ports.

PS. this might be speed issue im not sure if its in right forum im really sorry if it is.

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