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Crash Erased All Torrents


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Toshiba Satellite a105-s4084

Win XP Media Center 32-bit

Intel Pentium M T2050 1.6 GHz Dual Core


100GB Internal Storage - 2.5TB External (2x1TB 1x500GB) - All NTFS

I've done some research throughout the forum and found many posts on this topic, almost all of them 1-3 years old, none of which were ever fully resolved. The only words of wisdom on any of them were to update to the latest version because this was caused by bugs in older ones. But here I am running 1.8.2 and the same thing has occurred. I'm adding again manually but it's taking forever. In the event that this happens again...

a) which file stores information pertaining to all of uTorrents current torrents?


B) how can this file be backed up or restored to a pre-crash state?

Any and all help is appreciated.


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a) Folder %appdata%\utorrent: your history (resume.dat) and settings (settings.dat), plus .torrents files by default.

B) So if you want to back up your torrents before a possible crash, save a copy of this previous folder.

To reload your torrents, use migration guide, especially the chapter about autoload function: http://www.utorrent.com/migration_guide.php

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