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Moving completed downloads to a network map?


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I have 2 computers the main one is my personal system that has uTorrent on it i also have a FreeNAS server setup with a map to \\SERVER\Completed Torrents in that dir i have 5 folders with different names of TV shows that i get thru all legal .. whatever any way. They are pulled from a RSS feed is there away to have TV Show A download and when completed move into a folder on a network? Then TV Show B do the same? Basically just have UT running at all times pulling these shows from the RSS feed and them go into their respective folders?

I thought i had it setup to do that under RSS Downloader i select the TV Show and it says "Save In" i have it set to Y:\TV Show Abut when the download is completed it doesnt move it just stays in C:\Documents\Downloads which isn't even right i have "Move Completed Torrents to" \\SERVERNAME\Completed Torrents - but nothing is going to the server without me moving it.

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