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user interface bug in hebrew (prob arabic as well)


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i use uTorrent in english, but this vista that i have is the hebrew version

in short

when you hover over the uTorrent icon in the tray area, you pop up a small tooltip

saying how many seeds/Downloads and the current speed,

now, since my uTorrent UI is in english, you print this message in english (good!) but it is right aligned

and obviously windows thinks it should embed it like hebrew so the NUMBERS(!) are associrated with the wrong fields

for example, say i just seed now, and i really have 0 DL, 10 UP

your UI will read DL 10, UP 0 ....

this same problem occues with the statistics window

my suggestion, simply add the LEFT_TO_RIGHT reading order for the tooptip/statistics window and all will be solved

unless the chosen language is hebrew, in that case you prob localize the message as well, and all is fine

regards, and great client!

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