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Re: utorrent error : access Denied

I had the same problem, then I thought about it. All my successful downloads were ones that weren't in folders. So I manually created the folder for the torrent I was downloading, and now it works. *shrug* Must be some permissions thing. I was also downloading to a folder in /home

Changing the DL folder permission of the user (2nd permissions, below Owner) from "Access Files" only to "Create and delete files" fixed the problem for me


I also created the folder into which I was downloading, all goes well until the very end... I'm at 99.9% but then my access is denied. I have retried starting but I think the problem is that uTorrent does not have the permission to create files. Now in the bolded quoted part tkat tells me how to resolve it but I do not understand what he means.

I am running a (legal) xp 32bit version.

(images would be useful)


Doesn't any1 know?

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