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Access is denied error for 2 downloading torrents


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Hi everyone, I am facing a very persistent utorrent problem since yesterday. 2 of my downloading torrents are constantly getting "Error: Access is denied" status. No matter what I try, it keeps coming back every one or two minutes.

Some info about my sitaution:

The files are on an external HDD I have recently bought. But all my other torrents are also being downloaded to that external HDD. So, don't think that's the problem.

Both the torrent files are series and I tried playing a few episodes of them before they were fully downloaded(skipping parts that won't play). This may be the reason but what is the solution?

I have Bitdefender total security 2009. I have it for a long time though.

The things I have tried after reading the FAQ:

1. I have uninstalled Nero(which included Nero scout). But it was installed a long time ago and never caused a problem. Also, Nero scout wasn't indexing anything.

2. The files are not read-only.

3. I turned off Vista indexing as well.

4. I don't have MSN or Google desktop.

5. The folder view is not thumbnail view, usually it's list view.

6. I forced rechecking of the files, even deleted the torrents from utorrent and added them again. But nothing worked.

Plz help. I'm totally at a loss what else to do.

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Filesystem is NTFS.

Ths security settings showed all permissions unchecked, don't know why. But, it was the same thing for all the files in that external HDD and I am having problem with only two torrents. :/ Anyway, I checked the permissions. Let me see if it works. I'll post about it later.

EDIT: Everything's working fine now. :)

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