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My RSS page is different than that of the one pictured in the FAQ


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Oh, I see. thanx guys.

and one more quick question if nobody minds,

What would be the appropriate for The Daily Show?

Would it be "*The?Daily?Show*" (without quotes)?

Sorry, i'm used to using Azureus's RSS plugin where you don't need to put in expressions. .

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I have been having this issue too, and the solution mentioned above doesnt work for me.

When I first d/l UTorrent earlier in the week, the editbox wasn't in the RSS Filter Tab. I then downloaded the beta version and the editbox was there. I was happy and set up all of my filters.

This morning I woke and ran to see whether Smallville had downloaded, it hadn't (although the RSS feeds I had set up were showing it had been available for several hours). WORSE, the editbox had vanished again.

I am using the .412 beta version

Please help! I love UTorrent compare to Azureus, but need RSS to work

Thanks in Advance

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