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torrent webseed has different file name


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A file that I downloaded through a regular http connection was partially corrupted near the middle of the file. I googled for a torrent containing the file to run Force Re-Check and to replace the corrupted piece. Found a dead multi-file torrent that had no seeders or peers although the hash was still useful to help pinpoint the exact piece that was needed to be replaced. I did further googling to locate a different http based file host because the original http file host was dead. Found one and decided to utilize it as a webseed. Now here is the problem.

The difference between the two was that the torrent file had an underscore while the http host file had a dash. I fixed this by opening the '.torrent' file, locating the the target file name, and renaming it to match the http host's file name.

Now the target file was located at the very end of the torrent. I also had on hand the file that comes right before the target file so I included that in the 'Incomplete' folder to make sure a whole piece of the very first piece of the target file was present when I ran Force Re-Check. It successfully verified the target file and identified the corrupt piece that needed replacing.

I opened the torrent properties, removed the tracker which was useless at this point, added the webseed link, and clicked ok. Next, I went to the 'Files' tab to skip every file other than the two files I had. I then started the torrent to find a funny bug. The supposively unavailable files were now available and I had 1 green segment on each of my two files. It was expected that the first piece of the complete file would be missing but I didn't expect it to try to query that piece. I watched the 'Pieces' tab intrigued at what it might do to my file. It showed it was attempting to download two pieces but only the one belonging to the complete file was active. Nothing happened to the complete file fortunately but it didn't get any progress either. So I stopped the torrent and made sure to 'Skip' the complete file so that it would proceed to download the piece that I was after. I started up the torrent again but now it won't connect to the webseed. Maybe an error on my part but I wanted to get it over with so I stopped the torrent, went into properties, removed the webseed, clicked ok, started the torrent up again with no trackers or webseeds, stopped the torrent, added the webseed back, and started it again. The webseed started working again and it finished the file successfully.

Now my proposition here is somewhat similar to my other thread, allow cross-referencing of files regardless of file name requiring only a correct file size along with user input and maybe add that small webseed bug to the to-do list if not already.

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