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Santrex uTorrent WebUI Seedbox not changing download/upload/ratio


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Santrex uTorrent WebUI Seedbox not changing download/upload/ratio in my Nordic-T account??

I recently started a Santrex uTorrent seedbox and their uTorrent WebUI and in the last 48 hours with 3 torrents active (from BTJunkie), they have uploaded (seeded) over 100GB!! However my ratio on the Nordic-T torrent site and the amount of uploaded data has not changed at all, does anyone know why this is?

It also says I have no active torrents in Nordic-T when there are 3 very active torrents uploading by my Santrex uTorrent WebUI, again why is that not linking to my account at Nordic-T?

Finally, I can't get any of the links from Nordic-T downloads that I cut and paste into my Santrax uTorrent WebUI, add URL box to start! No matter what link or web address or anything that I try and paste into the add URL box, I press OK and nothing at all happens, again anyone know why and what I am doing wrong?

Links from BTJunkie work fine, but for some reason nothing from Nordic-T works... please help.

Still waiting for replies from Santrex on this issue!!!

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First adding torrents from a website that requires login using the add by url function will also require cookie information.

The issue that the uploaded amount does not change at the private tracker in question is almost certainly an issue specific either to the private tracker or the seedbox provider. Even if it was somehow a µtorrent setting you wouldn't be able to determine the issue through the webui and you probably also wouldn't be able to solve it without access to the µtorrent interface itself.

Please note that we don't particularly appreciate you mentioning private trackers or seedbox providers by name here.

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