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utorrent is acting funny


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Don't you guys just love reading about other people's problems that make absolutely no sense??

Well here's mine: Upload speed cannot be limited.

There I was - minding my own busyness, when all of a sudden the modem stopped working. Now... I know what you think: "rtfm" or "call support" or something like that, but sadly this is not the case.

The modem tends to shutdown in order to protect itself from melting. Overheating is caused by too much up speed (don't ask me how I got to that conclusion - years of trial and error). Normally, I set the up limit to (X) and everybody's happy. Yesterday, that figure doubled itself.

I'm not against sharing, but on the expense of a stable connection.

The question is, is it possible to hack vista's firewall into my utorrent and make it ignore the up limit?

note - I did not change any settings or touched anything that might have caused it.

Call it act of god if you wish...

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