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downloading low availability torrents


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while looking at a torrent download which is full of small files and has low availiabilty (no seeds, <1.0 availability), a download strategy came to mind: finish as many individual files as you can. in this case, if i cannot have them all, i would like to have as many of these individual files (eg, lots of wallpapers from my favourite anime) as possible.

i've got 2 ideas how this can be done by ranking an individual file's priority according to:

- availability (ie. if a file has no missing pieces, then it should be high priority. no sense prioritizing a file with missing pieces ...)

- % complete (ie. higher the % complete, the higher the priority, subject to availability)

would something like this be already possible with utorrent 1.8.2, or is this a new feature? i'm not sure what to search for so my search terms might incorrect.

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