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utorrent crashing when checking file


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Hey guys, new here with a problem lol.

did a bunch of reading, found a thread with similar problems, but found no solution.

hoping u guys can help me.

so few days ago my pc froze, had utorrent open. so restarted pc, and utorrent started checking the file, which is normal. but whenever i get to 37.2% my comp crashes... ive left it for a night like that thinking it was just the GUI, but still didnt work.

tried disabling avast anti-virus... again same thing at 37.2%

tried disabling my wireless card, thinking downloading files while doing the check caused the problem... again same thing. also tried moving the torrent and changing its location, still same thing.

anyone experience this that found a solution? or if u guys have a link to another thread that was discussed the same issue, thatll help as well (i searched, and only found one with no solution).

thanks in advance :)

EDIT: turned out file was corrupted... had to delete file start over again.

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