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RSS feed filters not working


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Lately only a few of my filters are catching shows off my feeds. I looked at the filters and cannot see a difference between the ones it catches and the ones it doesn't.

I do have 6 or so feeds with 4 disabled. I have about 30 filters. The ones it catches seem to be the same shows that it catches every week while it ignores the rest.

This used to be working great so I'm wondering if I added to many filters or bugged something with disabling feeds?

Anyone have any ideas about this?

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You'll need to give is more info than "I'm not getting all my shows". What is your filter and how is it showing up in the feed? If you press the ? in the RSS downloader for the one's it's missing, does it show any matches?

While there really isn't enough info to help you, I *suspect* you didn't use wildcards, which there seems to be a lot of resistance to. They're also indicated in the tutorial. I'll give you one of my examples using my favorite show.

Chuck. Season 2 Episode 15 is "Chuck vs the Beefcake". Let's say under the filter settings for "Chuck" if I have the filter simply set as "Chuck". Now let's say my someone on EZTV uploads the show. Maybe he'll call it "Chuck.S02E15.HDTV.XviD.avi", because that's his style. So my RSS feed pulls in "Chuck 2x15 HDTV XviD.avi". Now I didn't write uTorrent but through experimentation, I've learned it "ignores" certain things. I believe it ignores things it understands. So it Ignores HDTV, XVID and AVI. That leaves us with Chuck 2x15. Chuck matches my Filter, so it checks the smart episode filter and decides I do want 2x15, and starts the download. Everything works.

But let's say someone decided they wanted to upload more information, so they upload "Chuck 2x15 Chuck vs The Beefcake HDTV DivX". uTorrent ignores HDTV and DivX 'cause it's knows what they mean. So I'm left with "Chuck 2x15 Chuck vs The Beefcake". It knows 2x15 is an episode number, so it checks "Chuck Chuck vs The Beefcake" against my filters. I do NOT have a filter for that, so it skips it and doesn't download. The fix for this is simple. I set my filter to "Chuck*". In this case, it will download anything that starts with "Chuck" provided it meets my smart episode filter.

I *suspect* this is what has happened to you. The episode is including additional information, perhaps even the name of the release group, and uTorrent doesn't know to ignore that by default. The use of wildcards should allow everything to work just fine. If this is not the case, a screenshot of your RSS filter for one of the ones that isn't working as well as the feed list would be helpful (you can fit them both in 1-screenshot to make things easy).

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You might be right about the wildcards. When I first started learning about setting up RSS to do this I used wildcards on everything.. but it started pulling in all kinds of stuff I didn't want also.

All these filters were working without wildcards up until recently.. so I am puzzled on what changed.

Heres a screenshot for 'How I Met Your Mother' which didn't download via the filter.

(CSI Miami did, and the difference is the parenthesis i guess?)


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