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unable to load webui (0.361) either garbage code or inf loading


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I have 2 computers, one is for me only, the other everyone gets to use.

I want to access Utorrent web UI from my computer, but every time I try I either get garbled rubbish, or an endless loading circle. The other computer runs it fine, first time, every time, but is accessed by too many people for it to be a viable alternative.

I have found that if I continually refresh (f5, not ctrl f5) i EVENTUALLY (often around 20+mins worth of refreshing) get it to load.

I have had this problem since I heard about Utorrent web UI, although ignored it as I assumed the format I had been putting off for ages would fix it.

Pre format I was running XP pro corporate edition with norton as my AV, firefox 3.0, and then 3.03 as my browser.

After the format I am running XP pro 64bit with avast as my AV (same as my second computer, with same settings) and firefox 3.07 as my browser

the problem is exactly as it was before format, even while it still had stock browser settings, stock AV settings, stock windows settings.

My second computer was also formatted (it gets formatted often) It can still run the webui without the slightest problem with the exact same settings as this one

The only thing different between the computers pre format was the hardware. Now the only difference is this one has 64 bit windows.

I have tried (or had the admin of the server the webui is hosted on try) everything listed on this page: http://utorrent.com/documentation/webui under the heading "Freeze on loading or garbage data displayed?"

Ctrl+f5 makes the mage display a line of garbled text at the top, and then various lines and boxes througout the rest of the page EVERY SINGLE TIME.

adding "?action=setsetting&s=webui.cookie&v={} "to the end of the URL (http://xx.xxx.xx.xx:xxxxx/gui/?action=setsetting&s=webui.cookie&v={}) results in nothing but a white page with {"build":14458} displayed in the top left corner

I am at a complete loss as to what to do. I can keep refreshing over and over till it finally works half hour later (i wish i was exagerating) but i would honestly rather fix whatevers wrong

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the version installed on server is 1.8.2 build 14458

utorrent webui 0.361

Neither of my computers have utorrent installed on them, but the second one has never needed it for the webui to work.

Btw, its on a linux server running wine, but 8 other users (and my second comp connected to same hub into same modem) access this without a single problem, but mine couldnt 2 minutes after format without a single setting changed

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