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uTorrent crashes my internet!


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When I run uTorrent and start seeding and downloading a torrent. My internet stops working. To fix the internet all I have to do is restart my modem, not my router or my computer. What is happening? What do I need to do to stop the problem?

Thanks for all that help me get this solved!

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-I have tried just connecting to my modem and I have tried all the things in the slowing/interrupted internet connection or offline trackers section.

-Tell me which ones you want, there are so many I can't remember

-forwarded works fine


upload limit 125

connectiions per 100

max active 9

upload slots 8

connections global 100

max active dl 8



-zone alarm Pro

-DI 624 D-link/ DCM315

-Comcast 16meg internet

-Cable, 14000 down 3000 up

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