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Ratio way too high


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Usually, my settings are unlimited upload and download. If the downloaded torrent completes before 1.1 ratio, I seed until download reaches that limit (or 2.1 or 3.1 - if there are no other seeders).

My latest endeavor, however is a about 8GB. I am about 80% through downloading, but my ratio is close to 8. I have uploaded 55GB of the file.

As I said before, I usually just let the torrents do their thing, but isn't that ratio a bit much? Once I realized what was happening, I started to limit the upload speed, but that just cuts my download way down. I am currently searching through topics and fiddling with numbers to get a better download speed.

Is there some way I can automatically limit a torrent ratio while it is still downloading? Can't Utorrent see that this torrent's ratio is really high and that I'm not in danger of leeching?


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