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GetSettings almost fully interpretated


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Today I have tried to discover all options from GetSettings on 1.8.2:

Out of any Tab:

- install_revision

Prefilled with build number. Can be changed thru SetSetting but I see no purpose for it, neither any effect.

Tab General:

- language

Changed thru Language combobox.

- check_assoc_on_start

Changed thru checkbox "Check association on startup".

- autostart

Changed thru checkbox "Start uTorrent on system startup".

- check_update

Changed thru checkbox "Check for updates automatically".

- check_update_beta

Changed thru checkbox "Update to beta versions".

- anoninfo

Changed thru checkbox "Send anonymous information when checking for updates".

- boss_key

Changed thru editbox "Boss-key". Dunno what the values are, maybe some keycodes.

- append_incomplete

Changed thru checkbox "Append .!ut to incomplete files".

- prealloc_space

Changed thru checkbox "Pre-allocate all files".

- sys.prevent_standby

Changed thru checkbox "Prevent standby if there are active torrents".

Notes on General tab:

Buttons "Associate with...", "Install IPv6", "Clear Private Data", have no effect on any setting of getSettings.

Tab UI Settings:

- confirm_when_deleting

Changed thru checkbox "Confirm when deleting torrents"

- confirm_remove_tracker

Changed thru checkbox "Confirm when deleting trackers"

- confirm_exit

Changed thru checkbox "Show confirmation dialog on exit"

- gui.alternate_color

Changed thru checkbox "Alternate list background color"

- gui.speed_in_title

Changed thru checkbox "Show current speed in the title bar"

- gui.limits_in_statusbar

Changed thru checkbox "Show speed limits in the status bar"

- close_to_tray

Changed thru checkbox "Close to tray"

- minimize_to_tray

Changed thru checkbox "Minimize to tray"

- tray.show

Changed thru checkbox "Always show tray icon"

- tray.single_click

Changed thru checkbox "Single click on tray icon to open"

- notify_complete

Changed thru checkbox "Show balloon notifications in tray"

- tray_activate

Changed thru checkbox "Always activate when clicked"

- torrents_start_stopped

Changed thru checkbox "Don't start the download automatically"

- activate_on_file

Changed thru checkbox "Activate the program window"

- show_add_dialog

Changed thru checkbox "Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent"

- gui.dblclick_seed

Changed thru combobox "For seeding torrents"

- gui.dblclick_dl

Changed thru combobox "For downloading torrents"

Notes on UI Settings tab:

Nothing, all of options were found.

Tab Directories:

- dir_active_download_flag

Changed thru checkbox "Put new downloads in:"

- always_show_add_dialog

Changed thru checkbox "Always show dialog on manual add"

- dir_active_download

Changed thru editbox of "Put new downloads in" check.

- dir_completed_download_flag

Changed thru checkbox "Move completed downloads to:"

- dir_add_label

Changed thru checkbox "Append the torrent's label"

- move_if_defdir

Changed thru checkbox "Only move from the default download directory"

- dir_completed_download

Changed thru editbox of "Move completed downloads to:" check.

- dir_torrent_files_flag

Changed thru checkbox "Store .torrents in:"

- dir_torrent_files

Changed thru editbox of "Store .torrents in:" check

- dir_completed_torrents_flag

Changed thru checkbox "Move .torrents for finished jobs to:"

- dir_completed_torrents

Changed thru editbox of "Move .torrents for finished jobs to:" check

- dir_autoload_flag

Changed thru checkbox "Automatically load .torrents from"

- dir_autoload_delete

Changed thru checkbox "Delete loaded .torrents"

- dir_autoload

Changed thru editbox of "Automatically load .torrents from:" check

Notes on Directories tab:

Nothing, all of options were found.

Tab Connection:

- bind_port

Changed thru editbox of "Port used for incoming connections:"

- upnp

Changed thru checkbox of "Enable UPnP port mapping"

- natpmp

Changed thru checkbox of "Enable NAT-PMP port mapping"

- disable_fw

Changed thru checkbox of "Add Windows Firewall exception"

- rand_port_on_start

Changed thru checkbox of "Randomize port each start"

- proxy.type

Changed thru combobox of "Type:"

- proxy.proxy

Changed thru editbox of "Proxy:"

- proxy.port

Changed thru editbox of "Port:"

- proxy.auth

Changed thru checkbox of "Authentication"

- proxy.resolve

Changed thru checkbox of "Resolve hostnames through proxy"

- proxy.p2p

Changed thru checkbox of "Use proxy server for peer-to-peer connections"

- proxy.username

Changed thru editbox of "Username:"

- proxy.password

Changed thru editbox of "Password:"

Notes on Connection tab:

Nothing, all of options were found.

Tab Bandwidth:

- ul_auto_throttle

Changed thru checkbox "Automatic" of Maximum Upload Rate

- max_ul_rate

Changed thru editbox "Maximum upload rate"

- max_ul_rate_seed_flag

Changed thru checkbox "Alternate upload rate when not downloading"

- max_ul_rate_seed

Changed thru editbox of "Alternate upload rate when not downloading"

- max_dl_rate

Changed thru editbox of "Maximum download rate"

- conns_globally

Changed thru editbox of "Global maximum number of connections"

- conns_per_torrent

Changed thru editbox of "Maximum number of connected peers per torrent"

- ul_slots_per_torrent

changed thru editbox of "Number of upload slots per torrent"

- extra_ulslots

Changed thru checkbox "Use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90%"

Notes on Bandwidth tab:

Nothing, all of options were found.

Tab BitTorrent:

- dht

Changed thru checkbox "Enable DHT Network"

- dht_per_torrent

Changed thru checkbox "Enable DHT for new torrents"

- lsd

Changed thru checkbox "Enable Local Peer Discovery"

- tracker_ip

Changed thru editbox "IP/Hostname to report to tracker:"

- enable_scrape

Changed thru checkbox "Ask tracker for scrape information"

- pex

Changed thru checkbox "Enable Peer Exchange"

- rate_limit_local_peers

Changed thru checkbox "Limit local peer bandwidth"

- encryption_allow_legacy

Changed thru checkbox "Allow incoming legacy connections"

- encryption_mode

Changed thru combobox "Outgoing:"

Notes on BitTorrent tab:

Nothing, all of options were found.

Tab Queueing:

- max_active_torrent

Changed thru editbox "Maximum number of active torrents (upload or download)"

- max_active_downloads

Changed thru editbox "Maximum number of active downloads"

- seed_ratio

Changed thru editbox "Ratio is <= :"

- seed_time

Changed thru editbox "<= (min)" (but convert to seconds)

- seeds_prioritized

Changed thru checkbox "Seeding tasks have higher priority than downloading tasks"

- seed_prio_limitul_flag

Changed thru checkbox "Limit the upload rate to (kB/s):"

- seed_prio_limitul

Changed thru editbox of "Limit the upload rate to (kB/s):"

Notes on Queueing tab:

Nothing, all of options were found.

Tab Scheduler:

- sched_enable

Changed thru checkbox "Enable Scheduler"

- sched_ul_rate

Changed thru editbox "Limited upload rate (kB/s)"

- sched_dl_rate

Changed thru editbox "Limited download rate (kB/s)"

- sched_dis_dht

Changed thru checkbox "Disable DHT when turning off"

Notes on Scheduler tab:

The Scheduler Table is not acessible within WebUI.

Tab WebUI:

- webui.enable

Changed thru checkbox "Enable Web UI"

- webui.enable_guest

Changed thru checkbox "Enable guest account with username:"

- webui.guest

Changed thru editbox of "Enable guest account with username:"

- webui.enable_listen

Changed thru checkbox "Alternative listening port"

- webui.username

Changed thru editbox "Username:"

- webui.password

Changed thru editbox "Password:"

- webui.restrict

Changed thru editbox "Restrict access to the following IPs"

- webui.port

Changed thru editbox "Alternative listening port:"

Notes on WebUI tab:

The password field comes with * on place of real password, but can be changed.

Tab Advanced:

All those options come as they are, no need for explanation

- bt.allow_same_ip

- bt.auto_ul_factor

- bt.auto_ul_interval

- bt.auto_ul_min

- bt.auto_ul_sample_average

- bt.auto_ul_sample_window

- bt.ban_ratio

- bt.ban_threshold

- bt.compact_allocation

- bt.connect_speed

- bt.enable_tracker

- bt.graceful_shutdown

- bt.multiscrape

- bt.no_connect_to_services

- bt.no_connect_to_services_list

- bt.prio_first_last_piece

- bt.scrape_stopped

- bt.send_have_to_seed

- bt.set_sockbuf

- bt.transp_disposition

- bt.use_ban_ratio

- bt.use_rangeblock

- dht.rate

- diskio.coalesce_write_size

- diskio.coalesce_writes

- diskio.flush_files

- diskio.no_zero

- diskio.smart_hash

- diskio.smart_sparse_hash

- diskio.sparse_files

- diskio.use_partfile

- gui.bypass_search_redirect

- gui.compat_diropen

- gui.default_del_action

- gui.delete_to_trash

- gui.graphic_progress

- gui.log_date

- gui.piecebar_progress

- gui.tall_category_list

- gui.update_rate

- ipfilter.enable

- isp.bep22

- net.bind_ip

- net.calc_overhead

- net.low_cpu

- net.max_halfopen

- net.outgoing_ip

- net.outgoing_max_port

- net.outgoing_port

- net.upnp_tcp_only

- net.wsaevents

- peer.disconnect_inactive

- peer.disconnect_inactive_interval

- peer.lazy_bitfield

- peer.resolve_country

- queue.dont_count_slow_dl

- queue.dont_count_slow_ul

- queue.prio_no_seeds

- queue.slow_dl_threshold

- queue.slow_ul_threshold

- queue.use_seed_peer_ratio

- rss.smart_repack_filter

- rss.update_interval

- sys.enable_wine_hacks

- webui.token_auth

Notes on Advanced tab:

No need for notes, all fields have exact same name as uTorrent.

UI Extras tab:

- gui.manual_ratemenu

Changed thru checkbox "Override automatic speed popup list"

- gui.ulrate_menu

Changed thru editbox "Upload speed list"

- gui.dlrate_menu

Changed thru editbox "Download speed list"

- gui.persistent_labels

Changed thru editbox "Persistent labels"

Notes on UI Extras tab:

Field "Search Engines" could not be changed thru WebUI.

Disk Cache tab:

- cache.override

Changed thru checkbox "Override automatic cache size and specify the size manually (MB):"

- cache.override_size

Changed thru editbox of "Override automatic cache size and specify the size manually (MB):"

- cache.reduce

Changed thru checkbox of "Reduce memory usage when the cache is not needed"

- cache.write

Changed thru checkbox of "Enable caching of disk writes"

- cache.writeout

Changed thru checkbox of "Write out untouched blocks every 2 minutes"

- cache.writeimm

Changed thru checkbox of "Write out finished pieces immediately"

- cache.read

Changed thru checkbox of "Enable caching of disk reads"

- cache.read_turnoff

Changed thru checkbox of "Turn off read caching if upload speed is slow"

- cache.read_prune

Changed thru checkbox of "Remove old blocks from the cache"

- cache.read_thrash

Changed thru checkbox of "Increase automatic cache size when cache thrashing"

- cache.disable_win_write

Changed thru checkbox of "Disable Windows caching of disk writes"

- cache.disable_win_read

Changed thru checkbox of "Disable Windows caching of disk reads"

Notes about Disk Cache:

Nothing, all fields found.

Various other options I figured out:

- show_toolbar

Changed thru Options, Show Toolbar (F4).

- show_details

Changed thru Options, Show Detailed Info (F5).

- show_status

Changed thru Options, Show Status Bar (F6).

- show_category

Changed thru Options, Show Category List (F7).

- show_tabicons

Changed thru Options, Icons on Tabs

- resolve_peerips

Changed with right click on peer list, Resolve Peer IPs

- gui.last_preference_tab-1.8

Latest preferences tab, on Settings menu

- gui.last_overview_tab-1.8

Latest overview (General, Trackers, Peers, Pieces, Files, Speed, Logger)

- mainwnd_split_x

Vertical splitter (the one from labels) position

- mainwnd_split

Horizontal splitter (the one from torrent list) position

But, unluckily, I have not figured for what are these:


















So any kind of help on them is appreciated!


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- logger_mask

A bitmask that controls which logger settings are enabled in the µTorrent Logger tab

- score

The Tetris high score

- webui.cookie

A data persistence/storage location for any application using the WebUI API

The rest I'm not too certain about. And thank you for the list, I wanted to eventually list everything too, but was too lazy and unmotivated to do it. Saves me a lot of trouble xD

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