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Correcting Seed Ratio from bad uTorrent v1.8.0.11140


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A good while ago from when i used uTorrent v1.8.0.11140 it had a nasty side affect. This i didn't realise for a long while. One torrent that i'm still downloading very slowly (99.9% of mia seeder). My ratio on the torrent for 9.70GB was abouts 2:1 or abouts. At least i had over doubled seeded my upload ratio, the torrent then was at 82%.

When i came home one day and was actually seeing the ratio count down from 0:9 or so. Already i had lost lots of ratio. I stopped it and later resumed hoping it would self fix itself. Not so, right now it's at 0:368.

I'm currently using v1.8.2 and the ratio is stable at an incorrect ratio of 0:368. What can i do to make the ratio correct again. I've tried by making up with new torrents seeds now i'm -8gb difference between upload to download.

Please is there something you found that i can do to regain again the correct ratio ?

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