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Crazy Idea, Looking for a Script-Based Torrent Client

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OK.. I have a dedicated server...

Is there a way I can install a script on to the server that has a web interface, get it to download/upload torrents for me, saving them on the HD, then I download them to multiple PCs via HTTP?

I'm looking to start some kind of "mega program" where me and a couple of friends can just tell the 100 mbit server to grab certain rare torrents, cap upload speed to 40 kbps or so (these are rare torrents I'm talking about); and then have it save the finished files to a protected directory on the server; where members can download each file once.

Short question: Web based perl or php/cgi script that can do torrents on a dedicated server.

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erm.. you can do this already:

install utorrent and an ftp server on your mega server

tell utorrent to automatically load torrents in c:\autotorrents

tell utorrent to download to c:\torrenting

tell utorrent to move completed downloads to c:\completed

tell utorrent global uplaod rate X, maybe gloabl uplaod rate Y when not d/l

give ftp user permissions to upload to c:\autotorrent

give ftp user permissions to d/l from c:\completed

install web server and give it root web dir of c:\completed, with index generation turned on

now you can order a torrent to be d/l by ftping it up to the ftp server

when its d/l it appear in c:\completed ready for ftp or http download

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