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My UTorrent Will Not Seed


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I am new to UTorrent and this whole downloading thing. I am downloading files through UTorrent into "My Documents / Downloads" folder fine, but they are not seeding back up. This is of course giving me a bad ratio.

- I am using UTorrent 1.8.2.

- In the task bar at the bottom I do have a green tick explaining ther Network is OK.

- My Windows firewall is switched off.

- I am using Norton 360 and have set the firewall to Allow connections for UTorrent.

How can I get my UTorrent seeding?

Thanks in advance.

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I did apply for a membership to be able to access the torrents. So would that be a private tracker torrent?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Also, if you know of a good book or website were I can get an clear introduction to this torrent stuff then that would really help. There is a lot of techy talk which me as a novice struggles to understand. I am a quick learner so this would really help.

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