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How to increase upload speed


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Hi there,

hope someone can help. My upload rate will not increase above roughly 50kB/s, even when I'm not downloading.

I would like to be able to seed more than this once I have finished downloading but have had a good look through the preferences on uTorrent also the FAQ's on here trying to figure out how to allow a larger upload rate but can't figure it lol.

If it is possible to upload at a higher rate, could someone please let me know how?

Thanks in advance

T xx

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If you disable DHT and Resolve IPs...and reduce global and per-torrent connection max...and reduce bt.connect_speed and net.max_halfopen then you may be able to upload 1-5 KB/sec faster and still be stable.

If the current upload speed isn't a straight line very close to the max upload speed limit you set, then you may still have the upload speed max set too high.

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To tpc123: If you have wireless click the internet access button @ the bottom right hand side of your screen, right click your connection and select status. Under the Activity section select Properties. There you'll see Configure under the "Connect Using:" box select configure, and for your speed..configure to your liking. On one hand though you'll send and receive a lot more files than normal(which for me I'm limited to due to Cricket Broadband™)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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