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A way to milk PowerBoost?


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My ISP offers what they call PowerBoost, it basically allows you to exceed the quoted speed of your connection for a short period of time; so you can send a large email attachment or download a file faster.

My upload speed is quoted at 1Mbps, which means if I uploading and have my allocation set to unlimited I will be uploading at around 100kBps. But maxing my upload causes web browsing to slow to a crawl, so I usually set my upload speed to 75kBps when Im using my computer and unlimited when Im not.

But what Ive discovered is when I switch my upload allocation from 75kBps to unlimited, I get a PowerBoost for about 20 seconds, and my upload speed will just as high as 300kBps. Ive found that by setting my upload speed slightly below my max upload (75% in my case) for a minute or two and then going to unlimited I get a boost. This also works for download, though I personally dont try to milk it as much, since it doesnt seem to affect my browsing as much.

I know uTP is coming soon, and will hopefully alleviate the browsing slowdowns caused by maxing your TCP connections, but it seems like if you have this powerboost on your connection you can milk it get more speed out of your connection.

The feature I see would be something that could be switched on by the user and would set their upload/download speed to some set speed for a certain amount of time then switch it unlimited, and would either be able to detect that the boost has ended or wait a certain amount of time and then set the speed back to the set level. Then lather, rinse, repeat.

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