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download/seeding problems


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I'm very new to Utorrent and don't quite understand a lot of techie stuff. So, pls be kind and patient to me. I have the 1.8.2 version. What is the ideal setting ? from connection , bandwith, bit torrent, etc . How do I choose the port ? Currently I followed some people who suggested 45862 for this version on youtube. But when I did the port check, it said the port doesn't appear to be opened. I' m using Linksys 2.4 GHZ 802.11b wireless B Model BEFW11S4 my ISP is earthlink. I have 3.0mbps for connection. with Utorrent running my last speed test was 1347 for dl and 221 for ul my torrent files are from piratebay with not a substantial seeders or peers. I usually get anything between 4 kB/s to 20 KB/s and my upload is more or less the same. I also have problems with not being able to seed in 4 of my private tracker. when I checked those files on the trakcker tab , it said DHT : not allowed Local peer discovery : not allowed Peer exchange : not allowed what do they all mean and how do I fix them ?

I have my window firewall disabled and I am using Kaspersky internet security 2009. Also when Utorrent is running, it slows down internet browsing on the other computer in the house as well as my own computer. Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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