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question about batches


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I want to download a torrent batch that contains about 30 individual files. the batch is 8 gb is size but i only have 6gb of free disk space. i can think of only two ways for me to download this torrent. the one way that seems better in my mind may not work and i'm here to find out whether it will or not. for both methods i would turn pre-allocate disk space off, obviously. in the first way, i would download the batch. then i would simply look through the files list in the utorrent downloader window and right click > do not download to about half of the files. then once the first half is successfully downloaded i would burn it to a dvd so that i could delete it from my hard drive, creating space for the second half.

the second method, which i'm not sure about goes like this. as the individual files of the batch complete, i would go into the folder where the torrent batch is in windows and i would move them to a different folder. once the individual files are removed from the batch i would burn them to dvd and then delete them, but would removing or deleting files from a batch before the batch it is 100% complete cause an error in the torrent and mess up the entire batch?

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