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Moved files, uTorrent now won't seed


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I downloaded some files, then moved them to another folder.

Normally what I do is right click the torrent > Advanced > Set Download Location and the torrent will seed properly.

For some reason, this isn't working any more. I tried that, forced a recheck, and the torrent went back to the Downloading section at 0%. I don't know what to try any more - I don't want to have to re-download everything I've moved. I haven't renamed or changed the files in any way.

Pic to explain what I've just explained:


Please help. :(

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I'm absolutely certain the files match if that's what you're asking.

I simply want to seed the files, but because I'd moved them once they finished, I'm not able to.

"Open download location" points to the correct folder. It's just that it doesn't seem to recognise the file is already complete.

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