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Removed all files but still have no more free space!


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Hi guys!

I just recently downloaded utorrent for my new mac and I was happy with it. Until I tried to delete all files! In utorrent I went right-click, remove all files and I thought I was done for but when I checked my disk it still had the same used space. I already checked the folder the downloads are supposed to be in and it was empty.

Please help me get my free space back! I'm new to mac so I don't know where to look for or what the problem might be.


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uTorrent is a bittorrent client, think of it as a download manager.

All you deleted were, essentially, shortcuts.

Go to where uTorrent put the files [preferences -> downloads -> default download location] and delete them there.

Mac is a lot more simple and intuitive then PC but you have all that PC brainwashing to get over ;-)

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Thank you for the quick response! Unfortunately I did try that already in the very beginning. When I said remove all files the program actually did delete all the files in my "download" folder which is also the default download folder. I checked the folder and there were really no files in there but again... I haven't gotten any more free space!

That is why I was asking you guys because I know that normally with os x you just have to put something in the trash remove it from there and then it's gone for sure but not this time. I thought maybe there is some folder like a temp folder but I couldn't find anything similar to that. This really sucks because I know there has to be about 10 gig on my disk which I can't use due to the problem with utorrent. If it helps: I have a Macbook Air standard edition, meaning 1,6 ghz and so on.

If you have any ideas... please post them :)

Update: Nothing has changed so I still haven't got my space back :(

Since nobody seems to have an idea what might be wrong here I'd like to ask you guys if you know how to contact somebody from utorrent directly because I don't want to go to apple with this as you might imagine ;)

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