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Port Forwarding: Options>Speed Guide window shows actual port +1


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Issue: Options > Speed Guide window shows my forwarded port +1, but running the forwarding test itself returns successful for the query.

Illustration: My forwarded port as manually entered in Connections tab is 21688, but pulling up the Options > Speed Guide window it shows as 21689 (actual port +1). When the actual query is submitted this is also the port queried. I get a successful return to the query but the port returned on the webpage is also 21689.

Changing the port and restarting uTorrent has the same result - it still adds +1 to the Speed Guide query.

Manually altering the HTTP string query submitted to match the actual port returns a failure.

- uTorrent itself is showing the green check for Network OK, and this never changes, the actual port forwarding appears to be working properly according to network traffic captures and fw logs.

Tried searching archives, read FAQs..., know & understand networking.

Have not seen this as a reported bug, nor in the troubleshooting section.

I implemented firewall/program rules in ZAPro just to monitor port forwarding and UPnP and all traffic appears to be flowing properly.


OS: WinXP Pro SP3

Personal FW: ZAPro

Router: Linksys WRV54G w/latest firmware, UPnP is enabled & working. Router is behind cable modem and PC has static private IP (router has internal DHCP disabled). Router is properly configured to Forward Port 21688.

Software: uTorrent latest Beta available via auto-update (1.8.3 build 14809);

AV: Avast w/P2P scanner disabled (as per FAQ).

On cable w/dynamic IP, uTorrent DOES properly resolve the external IP of my Linksys WRV54G (DHCP-assigned via cable modem). I cannot detect any other problems, just the Port Forwarding seems to be adding a +1 value when entered manually, I have tried changing ports, it still adds +1 when using the Speed Guide.

Did I miss anything? From what I can tell, the actual forwarding is working, it's just the Speed Guide GUI section that picks up the actual port I am forwarding and adds +1.

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