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Reseeding torrents that are not yours?


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I downloaded a torrent a while back that had a few seeds. Eventually, the seeds disappeared and there's quite a few that are stuck at around 92% for example. I have since, found the missing files myself, compared them and they do appear to be the correct ones. Is there a way for me to seed this torrent so that the other peers that are stuck at 92% can get the rest of the files reach 100%? I tried testing this by replacing the files that are not 100% and rechecked the files, but I always end up with a torrent that is not complete. In other words I can't seed the missing files. Thanks,


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Unfortunately, this happens when people don't seem to care or understand that they need to do their part and seed or reseed files which is what makes the concept of the bit torrent system work.

There are to many things you need to know to help the people who're lacking the remaining pieces of the file(s). If you knew where they were from(which site), and could contact them (far fetched idea) and offered up a complete torrent (all pieces, 100%) and see if they want to download the entire thing over again that's pretty much all they (and you) can do to help. By now they have probably found the same thing they were trying to download from somewhere else and gave up long ago on ever completing the one you saw. I watch out for people, their IP's, etc and do my best to avoid downloading from them once I see they don't do their part in the process. The more seeds the faster the downloads (up to your provider's DL limit of course).

FYI - (and you probably already know off of this...) Belonging to a private or public site helps prevent this type of problem because they will usually ban members who leave other members "hanging" like that. It helps to join several sites since not all of them will have the files you want. The better sites are well know and many people share many files, and the people who play games or don't reseed are known quickly. The private sites are also desirable to belong to. Keep checking for an invite to some of them or open registration periods. I'm sure you've heard of many sites. The best are not always 'known'. Each aspect of file sharing has it's advantages and disadvantages. It pays to be more involved in case your main site closes or decides to become a for profit site or something. I have seen a few make some radical moves in the last few years.

BTW- It's great that you want to help though. You'd be a great member to have on the sites I belong to. You'd probably be on staff in no time at most of them.


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