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I would like to be able to Seed only when "avail" drops below 2.0

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I frequently create and upload many torrents. (Several of them exceed 30GB) It seems that people do not seem to be seeding torrents that they download very responsibly these days. (If possible I would like to see uTorrent working on a strategy making it more difficult to NOT seed for less than 150%)

I have many torrents that have been downloaded by over 10,000+ people, and yet often the available seeds often drop down to a very low level. It seems that many people discontinue seeding the moment their files complete the download process. I just discovered that several of my older torrents needed to be re-seeded.

Here is my problem. While I would like to continually seed all the torrents that I have created until the end of time, it simply is not feasible due to the number of torrents I have created. The simultaneous shared bandwidth of all those torrents would individually be too slow, even on my high speed connection.

I would like to be able to keep all of my old torrents as "active" but only have them called upon to seed should the available "ratio" drop below 2.0 (meaning that aside from myself, there is no complete seed available).

Is there a way to do this now that I am unaware of? If not, I imagine this would be relatively easy to implement as a feature, and as a heavy seeder, I would rate this as a very valuable feature.

Keep up the good work!

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