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Newbie question about FAKE or BOGUS downloads


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Ok, I'm new to this torrent thing and only yesterday installed uTorrent 1.8.2. and, no surprise, I'm finding that after an hour or two downloading a 700MB video file I'm not able to view it because of it being either a Fake or one that requires me to go to a site and pay a fee to "unlock" the file.

Is there a way to identify early in the download process legitimate downloads before wasting time downloading the whole thing?

What advice do you have for me.

Thanks much.

Gene :)

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Yes, I've seen those and I know what you're talking about.

I guess I was hoping there was a feature in the uTorrent setup I might have missed that would act as a watchdog to help identify those that didn't have warning comments and I began to download.

Well, anyway...while awaiting answers here I did some Googling and came across this interesting tidbit of information relating to "How to spot fake torrents" and just as you pointed out one of the suggestions is to: "Always check the Comments first."

Here's the link that might help others finding this post...

(you guys might already be familiar with it)

If posting this link is against any board rules please (Mod) feel free to delete it...


Thanks for your reply Knight.


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Useful info Switeck, thank you!

btw...instead of starting another thread, I just discovered the "Add Search Engines" in the

Preferences>Advanced>UI Extras>Search Engines area so, I have a question.

I see many posts of lists of Search Engines in other posts and threads around here that it looks as though I just copy and paste them into the box and then use the Search box on uTorrent to search for what I want.

Suppose I post in two or more lists and there are duplicate Search Engines, is that a problem? Should I clean up the lists to remove dupes or does it matter?

Is there one "Master" or "Best" list somewhere?

Thanks again guys!

Gene (still going through the learning curve)

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Well, on top of this page click on "Documentation" and in there you'll find a Beginner's Guide and the Setup Guide you'll need to get started.

The Beginner's Guide is just that and starts appropriately with What is BitTorrent?

Beginner's Guide

Take your time and follow the Setup Guide step by step so you can test and setup your connection speed.

Connection Setup Guide

Be sure to read through the FAQ's also.


Also, read through some of the Forum posts where newbies like myself get answers to elementary questions about the care and feeding of uTorrent.

Have fun!


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