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"This program is freeware, if you paid for it .." is back


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This "spam" is really troublesome.

I did search and FAQ, but it just won't fix.

I am using latest beta (1.8.3 beta 14809)

Tried uninstall + remove %appdata%/uTorrent directory + remove found registry and then reinstall. no fix.

tried waiting utorrent closing , confirmed in ctrl+alt+del (setting.dat mtime is changed), and then reboot, no fix.


cid 0x74EB1428B2421AC9B0C000383D51FD5675F50A10564BFA44

cids 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

basically every startup will definitely see this message....

can someone help me to fix it?

I really love utorrent and i dont want to change the program.

OS is vista ultimate x64.

sorry for my poor english. hope all of you understand it.

Thanks in advance.

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thanks for your quick reply.

Nope, it does not help.

bt.graceful_shutdown is true.

I noticed that after the OS reboot, the 1st startup of utorrent will always give me the prompt. no matters if it is autostart or i click the shortcut.

if i close the utorrent and restart it...no problem this time (after os reboot, it will happen again)

P.S. i have a startup bat calling Rasdial for my PPPOE connection and i don't have any wireless device , even a router !

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