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µTorrent 1410?


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Hi Fellas,

Sorry if this question has been answered before, but if so, i wasnt able to find it.

The thing is i see more and more peers with a 'µTorrent 1410' in my peer list and now i wonder if i missed anything?

The updater says i have the latest version and the homepage doesnt say anything about a 1410 version either, only a somewhat newer beta is there besides the latest 'official' release. (BTW, is it recommended to use that beta?)

So is this 1410 version some sort of 'preview-version' of the next official release (1410?) which is available only to a few 'choosen' people or why isnt it mentioned anywhere? I dont think its the beta from the homepage because some peers appear with a 'B' after the version number and i guess these are the 'actual' betas. Not?

So whats the deal with that obscure 1410 version?



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