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Issues regarding large torrents


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-- ISP: Inter NL Net (Dutch ISP) I have the "Rijn" line. Here is the site, its in Dutch though http://www.internl.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=355&Itemid=402

-- Connection speed (in kilobits per second [kbps]): 100,000 kbit up and down (100/100mbit)

-- Router make and model, firmware version if you can find it: I am directly connected to the modem, no router in between.

-- TCP/IP patch - yes/no, if yes, patched to how many half-open: I don't think I have a TCP/IP patch.

-- Software firewalls, if any - these cause plenty of problems: Kaspersky Internet Security

-- Antivirus software: Kaspersky Internet Security

-- µTorrent settings:

Some screens:

Path is close to the root.






I get "Element not found." or "System cannot find specified file." then when I restart the torrents after a couple of times I get "Files missing from job, please recheck." I get these errors on torrents larger then 10gb.

I work on Windows XP SP3 with 3gb DDR2 RAM, Q6600 Quad-Core processor and a Asus P5e motherboard. Oh and the Hard drive is from Western Digital, the Velociraptor 300gb 10k rpm.

Let me know if more information is required.

It would be really awesome if this could be solved! Thank you for your time! :D

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