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Am I missing something? Newbie is just not doing it right.


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So I'm trying to get this webui up and running with no success. The problem is I don't know whether it's the equipment I'm working with or if I'm just making a fool of myself and setting things up wrong.

On the one hand I'm reading that uTorrent (1.8.2) will now automatically get the latest version of the webui, on the other I'm reading that I should watch this forum so I can download the latest zip file.

I'm enabling the webui in uTorrent, but I don't see any files in the uTorrent directory that relate to a webui. In fact my uTorrent directory just has uTorrent and "8179-utorrent.14c4.dmp" in it.

So do I download the zip file? Do I uncompress it and put it somewhere? Do I leave it zipped up and put it somewhere?

Do I not need to download the zip?

At the moment I'm enabling the ui, entering a username and pass, leaving the two other checkboxes and alternative port stuff clear. Then I try and access the webui from outside of my network using the ip from the utorrent computer (the IP of my router).

I try to access (made up ip) http://123.456.78.90/gui - I get nothing.

Then, because I see a grayed out port in the webui settings that says 8080 I try http://123.456.78.90:8080/gui.

Still nothing. Just a slow progress bar that gives up.

What gives? Since my routers password is a mystery to me I'm going to have to reset the thing to default settings to be able to forward any (alternative) ports. I'm trying to rule out other mistakes before doing that.

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First of all: you should have a green icon (port forwarded) to get incomming connections, which is a must for using webui.

The webui.zip needs to be copied to the %appdata% folder (search the FAQ for that) and must not be uncompressed.

With the automatic webui setup it's been copied there already (have a look there).

You should test the webui on the machine with utorrent running, using the "localhost" method (look here http://www.should.keepfree.de/README.txt = old readme, the official one http://trac.utorrent.com/trac/wiki/HowTo is not working atm).

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