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Unable to seed


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I am trying to seed a CD of a local band (with their written permission) and am having issues.

I have uTorrent 1.8.2 (build 14458) running on Vista64, with the windows firewall turned off (I have a hardware firewall) since it is just a PITA (however uTorrent is added to the exception list).

uTorrent made the torrent file correctly, with multiple trackers which I can see are all showing a status of working. The torrent is correctly registered with multiple torrent sites, however none of them will show that I am seeding the file (and this is after waiting 6 hours).

My router is properly configured so my port is accepting incoming connections. I have verified this using the uTorrent port test (http://www.utorrent.com/testport.php?port=39641) and using the PFPortChecker program. From the utorrent website I get this message "Port 39641 is open and accepting connections."

In my preferences the seeds are given higher priority than the downloads and I have other downloads and another seed (download I am seeding after I finished) which is working fine. The seed is showing a Green upload arrow and yes I have a green checkbox showing the ports are ok. I am not downloading much (maybe 40kB on a 250kB 'real-world' line) and I have tested to see if perhaps my other torrents were using up all of my upload bandwidth by temporarily blocking the upload on all of my other active torrents (and later I just stopped all torrents but the seed) however none of this produced any upload activity for this torrent file I am trying to seed.

Now the torrent is showing as 100% done and is linked to the CD's folder correctly. I set this as my #1 torrent on the list and have given it high priority for my bandwidth.

I am seeing this in my main windows categories

# *

Done 100%

Status Seeding

Seeds 0(1)

Peers 0(1)

The problems I am seeing are as follow for those TL;DR crowd:

- None of the torrent sites I have listed this at is showing I am seeding this torrent even though it has been over 6 hours since I listed it. One of the sites shows 3 leechers, but not a seeder (me)

- I see that there is one seeder in the cloud (me) for all the trackers, and all but one of the trackers shows 1 peer.


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I should add that I have shut down uTorrent for ~30 minutes, restarted my PC (it needed it anyway), and restarted uTorrent. I tested all the ports again and everything I posted above still is the same.

Edit: I believe there are people trying to leach. One of the sites shows that 5 people have downloaded the torrent file and three are trying to leach it. There is a comment from someone asking me to seed so I that is why I am thinking there is a disconnect somewhere along the (digital) way.

However even if this is the case, should I be seeing the "Seed 0(1)" or should I be seeing "Seed 1(1)"? I also seem not to be seeing the 3 leachers off of demonoid's site.

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Good thought. I'll see if one of my friends will test the torrent and get back to you.

edit since it wont let me post this in a new post:

I asked a friend to download the torrent and it looks like he is able to download it and I now have "Peers 1(4)" showing up. I'm concerned because it looks like I am only seeing my friend. Also, the upload speed is sporadic at best. I'm seeing bursts of 2kb that slide off to nothing, then burst back up to 1kB and slides back to nothing...etc. Even if I limit myself to 2 downloads, with limited upload speeds of 2kB each (for testing) and download speed is globally limited to 50kB (for testing) this is still occurring. Every once in a while we will get a sustained 5kB burst that lasts a 15-20 seconds, and then back to the 2kB to 1kB rollercoaster. (globally, I am not limiting my upload speeds and the torrent itself is set to unlimited upload)

My friend has this as his only download, and he has a faster (25mb ADSL) connection than I do (10mb Cable). He is not surfing the web, playing anything online or using his internet for any other reason. We tried downloading another torrent to test and that torrent is downloading for him at 80kB/s. My torrent is dragging along at (on average) ~0.5kB/s. Help?

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