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Someone Please Help Me


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Please take a look at these photos.

I used to get these types of speeds (more than 100Kbs) with these settings but after a 'tragic' incident the server hub was burnt and had to be changed and as a result, for some unknown reasons, I can't get speed more than 20Kbs now.

If you know the reason or at least have a rational explanation for this then PLEASE let me know.

(if you think that my ISP has limited or blocked the torrent speed, then if there is any way to bypass the system then please let me know).,








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Yet another YouTube victim I see...


Your settings are hopelessly bad and need to be changed back to default.

I also see you're using a proxy with uTorrent.

Do note that DHT (which is enabled in your screenshots) currently DOES NOT GO THROUGH THE PROXY...and other peers and seeds are also seeing your real internet ip because of it.

Because of the proxy use, you'll need lower settings so the proxy has to do less...so the proxy has more available speed to devote to download and upload speeds in uTorrent.

2nd link in my signature offers conservative settings that should work better with a proxy server. Do note how fast the proxy server's max upload and download are, as using upload speed set too fast or too many connections will only result in lower download speeds!

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I think I wasn't able to make you understand the situation I am in. I am form Bangladesh and our Internet system is a little different from others. First of all, our ISP limits our torrent speed and so I get between 20-25Kbps for direct downloads which is my normal speed. But somehow I was able to bypass this system and managed to get more than 100Kbps (but only for a month) and I did that using the settings I've sent. But as I have explained before, due to a incident with the box (i.e. the main hub for my area) and as it was changed, so was my server IP,

My previous Server IP:

My present Server IP:

My present IP:

My uTorrent Port: 45682

From then on I am getting the normal speed which is 20-25Kbps.

So I was asking you (and still asking), if there is a possibility I can Bypass the system again, then how?

I am GRACEFULLY waiting for YOUR reply.

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Even when using a proxy, you still connect through your ISP.

They may have gotten better/more severe at throttling.

The only way to truly "Bypass the system" is change ISPs, if that's even possible!

I neither know:

1.who was running the proxy (was it your ISP or on the ISP's premises?)

2.what limits the proxy had (down/up speeds, firewalled, monthly traffic limits)

3.what the limits of your internet connection is.

But even without knowing any of the things that would help me answer your question, what I previously said still stands. Your settings are BAD FOR BAD!

They give ISPs a very justifiable reason to block BitTorrent traffic because they're extremely excessive.

1000+ global connections is excessive even for 100 megabit/second UPLOAD lines, which I am almost positive your line isn't 1/100th as fast! Pushing some/most/all of that traffic through a proxy server makes it even worse. :(

Your half open limit in uTorrent advanced settings (net.max_halfopen) is 10 times the default value...which is more than enough even for firewalled connections.

For someone with so little allowed-by-ISP bandwidth, you're wasting a sizable chunk of it by having too many normal and halfopen connections.

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For your first question, the answer is:

I don't have much idea about that proxy, but as far as I know I got that proxy from aliveproxy.com and it must have been a proxy that belonged to USA.

For the second question,

I don't have a clue.

And for the last,

the internet connection only limits my download speed to 20-25KBps

After your reply, I used the default setting as you mentioned but still I get the same speed as I get it with my own setting that is 18-21KBps.

The important point that I want to ask you is, somehow I bypassed (or to simply say Hacked) the system so that, only my torrent speed was increased to 100KBps but my normal download speed remained unchanged (20-25 KBps). And after my tragic incident my torrent speed returned to normal (18-21 KBps) and the direct download speed is still 20-25 KBps. So I am simply asking you, if it is possible, how can I again Bypass (or Hack) the system so that only my torrent speed will increase.

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