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Rhythmic Crashes seemed to be enjoyed by uTorrent, please F1


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I have been using uTorrent since I came to know how torrents work and how to download files from it.

I have used uTorrent in almost every OS I have installed(Ubuntu, Fedora, XP Pro, Red Hat, Vista-64 SP1, Vista-32, XP Pro SP2 and now Vista-32 SP1)

Not to mention I didn't got any conflict ever before in any OS I used to run uTorrent and this is the first time this has happened and now I came to know that it is having a long history of hanging out.......

The Only reason I have been using this is the scheduler that allows to download n upload torrents at time when we want to do it(thanks for adding this feature, its something every torrent client is lacking)....

But these days, I installed Vista-32bit SP1 edition(coz of so many reasons) and this program seems to crash as if in love with someone(missing his soul mate) and just forgets that he was actually downloading something on the computer until some windows stability control thing reminds him of his actual purpose of being here.....

It takes about 5 to 10 min for him to reach his top downloading and uploading speed, and because of some crap he just give it up for around 3-5 min and starts to gain speed again......

It can go for some single time users but for us, its being wasting a lot(a lot) of bandwidth that we get free for only certain time period....

There's no worth making any list of softwares I am using now coz even on a clean install of just Vista-32 SP1, he was giving me the same problem.....

Here are the symptoms that my computer shows when he hangs:

1. Everything Freezes(Every Application using internet freezes when tries to access internet)

2. We are not able to kill the process or do anything to it in case the task manager opens up(sometimes it just says no to taskmanager showing me some error which probably looks like this "Failed to Open Application, Not Enough Permissions" WTF Do I need permission to open an application on my own PC? who is he to decide this?)

3. Cannot open any new application(just use what you are using and forget what else could be here)

4. He behaves like this for about 3-5 min and then comes back to normal(if not then he is not going to come back from his dreams)

5. As soon as he comes back from his dreams, everything starts working as if nothing had happened and shows no error or hangouts......

I am not able to create its crash report as it actually does not crashes but just freezes......

Tried these things thinking they might help:

1. Unchecked UAC control.

2. Stopped Indexing from roaming here and there.

3. Unchecked any cache options in uTorrent to make sure its not coz of RAM(but this could screw my PC's Hard Disk coz the number of writes on it increases and it damages it permanently)

4. Gave him Super Mode access level in the firewall.

5. Made him to "Run as Administrator" but still nothing worked out.... he is the same uTorrent....

Hope anyone who likes the softwares would be replying something that might help me getting rid of this serious problem that my computer is facing coz of him.......

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There's no use of uninstalling my firewall or antivirus protection now, coz he(uTorrent) is showing this property even on a clean install(I mean I just reinstalled Vista so as to make sure nothing is coming in his path but I still got the same problem)

And for sure, I'll send you the hijack this' report as soon as I'll reinstall vista coz I want to make sure that you can believe that its not coz of firewall or any antivirus I am using.

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