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Hello sorry guys I am noobie here, and I wanted to piggyback of the OP. I have read on some torrent guides, that seeding alot...for example past the 1:1 ratio will increase your download speeds....

There seems to be alot of confusion about this for us beginners so please be kind :)

Does additional seeding past 1.0 increase my download speeds (using public torrents) ?

According to this guide:http://lifehacker.com/software/ultranewb/a-beginners-guide-to-bittorrent-285489.php it is recommend to stay on the "good side" of the community. How do people know and track how much I am seeding? How is this a benifit (I understand giving back and I try my best to always seed past 1.00)

So yes is it true you can increase download speeds by seeding alot?...I do seed overnight and I will continue to do so, I am just curious about how this can effect my torrenting

Thanks all

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Your ratio will mainly affect you on private or semi-private trackers. It's unlikely to ever affect your speed, because the tracker doesn't have any control over that (they could theoretically give you a smaller peer list, but peer exchange would probably render that ineffective), but they can limit your access to the tracker or the torrents on it. Though I thought I remembered seeing a tracker that claimed to be able to prevent you from downloading if your ratio got too low, and yet still allow you to upload...

A public tracker could choose to implement the same restrictions, using your IP address, though since many people still have dynamic IP addresses, it would be even less effective.

So seeding after you've completed a download shouldn't have any effect on your download speed. However, uploading while while you're still downloading the torrent does increase your download speed, due to the way the BitTorrent protocol works. Peers reward other peers who have shared with them.

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